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Great recommendation 

by Janet - Posted on 16 January 2023 
I was recommended this dentists by my friend and it is exactly what she said! 
Experienced team providing high levels of care. It makes a real difference having a team who give you confidence and encouragement to get my smile back. One more appointment to go. If you get a place here you are very lucky. 
Visited January 2023 

Fantastic team! 

by Byron Jepson Glencairn - Posted on 22 June 2023 
I am totally frightened of going to the dentist from past experiences. As I am go to be having open heart surgery had to go. I can't recommend them enough what a great team and put me at ease. It's very clean modern first class. Thankyou. 
Visited June 2023 

Excellent at putting you at ease 

5 star rating by Anonymous - Posted on 24 January 2020 
A very caring dentist and nurse. Efficient receptionist. A lovely calm atmosphere in the surgery and always feel at ease. All procedures fully explained. 
Visited January 2020 

Excellent at putting you at ease 

5 star rating by N.D. - Posted on 03 February 2020 
I recently changed dentist practice due to my old dentist retiring, and not likely the replacement! Having had a bad experience as a child with an abscess I am naturally nervous about any dentist trips, so was reluctantly going for my next check-up. The dentist has been great with me over the last couple of months, reassuring me and giving a full explanation of treatment options I had for replacing a crown. I would recommend him to others, as he has put me at ease. Him and the rest of the staff are all friendly and helpful. 
Visited January 2020 

Fantastic with Children 

By N.D. - Posted on 03 February 2020 
I recently took my 2 year old for a check-up. Absolutely fantastic experience! (I'm a nervous patient from experiences elsewhere as a child, and didn't want her to be the same) The dentist was very patient, singing nursery rhymes with her and relating to the children's book she had picked up from the reception area. He waited for daughter to 'warm' to him, counting her 10 fingers and was ultimately able to check and count all 16 teeth - even if that did mean he was kneeling on the floor to see. It was a brilliant experience for Daughter and Mummy. I would highly recommend for children. 
Visited January 2020 

Always received excellent care 

5 star review 
My family and I are regular patients at the practice and have always received excellent care. I am a very nervous patient and the dentist has come to understand this, puts me at ease and is clear with explaining things. The nurse is very understanding also, and the receptionists are welcoming, smiley and happy to make conversation putting me at ease whilst waiting for my appointment. In recent weeks following an accident I have taken my youngest son (3) several times at short notice and this has never been a problem. He has now had 2 teeth removed now on separate occasions and all the staff have been amazing with him, especially with him being such a young patient and great with a nervous mummy too! I hope this team continue to practice for a long time yet as their service is excellent and I can’t thank them enough. Highly recommended always! 

A practice second to none! 

5 star rating by Anonymous - Posted on 31 July 2019 
I come from a line of dentists so should know my stuff! I have had three potentially serious dental problems and all sorted by this practice speedily and professionally: 1) two years ago I went in for my normal checkup and happened to mention that when I yawned a ‘bump’ popped out of my jawline near my ear. The dentist immediately, on the same day referred me to the Maxillofacial Centre in Leicester. I was seen two days later, was warned that the lump could be extremely serious and should be surgically removed. This was done and was non malignant. How was that for service?! 2) I was in Spain on the Thursday before Christmas when I snapped a front crown at the root (very glamorous for the Yuletide!). I immediately phoned the practice as we were returning to U.K. the next day. Could I pop in to see the dentist straight from the plane? No unfortunately the dentist is out of the country until the New Year. Despair! A toothless smile for Christmas and the New Year! Lo and behold! A few minutes later the Dental Nurse phoned me (in Spain!), to ask if I would be prepared to go to their dental technicians workshop, who would open up for me specially on the Saturday morning. No problem - Yes! Yes! Yes! So the workshop opened up specially on Saturday and an hour later I had a front tooth to match the others! Hey ho! Incredible and beyond the call of duty! It doesn’t end there! 3) Due to the previous jawline lump I had to have a check up. The specialist asked if the dentist would provide a copy of an X-ray of my jaw. Duly done - but the hospital system couldn’t open the memory stick for legal reasons. Without any ado, the Dental Nurse arranged to email it directly to the surgeon. The X-ray confirmed all was well. Can you believe this? Such a fabulously efficient, caring, professional team. As I said - second to none and dare I say it? This practice knocks spots off my dental relatives! Ssssshhhhhh! PS cannot fill in the date correctly below as I am writing re three separate occasions. Apologies for any typos. 
Visited July 2019 

My treatment at Shepshed dental practice. 

5 star rating by Hugh Mills. - Posted on 11 September 2019 
I have been going to Shepshed dental practice for a number of years, I decided to have my teeth capped which is a major procedure, I have to say from the planning down to the finished job the treatment I received from the whole team was 1st class and I would highly recommend the team at Shepshed Dental Practice, well done and thank you. 
Visited February 2019 

Pleasant, friendly dentist - very reassuring 

5 star rating by Cheryl - Posted on 14 October 2018 
I have recently had a crown fitted at this dentist. I was very apprehensive as I had heard mixed reports on crowns. I had made an appointment to have it fitted but after talking to others was concerned whether it was the right thing for me. I phoned the dentist who then phoned me back to discuss my options. I decided that it was the best option for me - on arrival for my appointment the dentist made sure I was happy to go ahead, After having the crown fitted I was extremely happy with it. I would definitely recommend this dentist - very friendly and put me at ease. 
Visited October 2018 

Very nervous patient 

5 star rating by Anonymous - Posted on 14 September 2019 
I was an extremely nervous patient who had not seen a dentist for years. I was recommended to go to Field st. I found the dentist & the nurse so very caring & understanding. They were very kind, trying to put me at ease. The dentist explained everything & she listened to my fears. I had extractions with no pain or problems. How I wish I had gone sooner. I have been back today for more treatment & am very impressed. Best dentist I have ever seen. I would recommend this dental surgery to anyone with fears. Thank you so very much. 
Visited June 2018 

Complaints Procedure  

Because we want to ensure that all our patients are pleased with their experience of our service, we take complaints very seriously indeed. If a patient makes a complaint, we will deal with the matter courteously and promptly so that it is resolved as quickly as possible. Our procedure is based on these objectives. 
This Practice has an effective complaints system in place to ensure that identifying, receiving, recording, handling and response to any comments, observations or complaints occurs within a strict timetable which is clearly documented. The complaints system is clearly displayed and all patients and visitors are confident that they will be listened and responded to without fear of discrimination. 
Any complainant can be assured that they will be treated in a manner respecting their human rights and diversity; in a sensitive manner and that the complaint can be made by a variety of methods either verbally, by sign language or in writing. 
Where they lack confidence or require help they will be supported by helpful staff members. Their complaint will be fully documented and fairly dealt with and following investigation, lessons learned can lead to changes being made to avoid future complaints. 
These clear complaint procedures are monitored and reviewed and the named contact who is accountable for doing this is the Practice Manager. 
If you are not satisfied with the result of our procedure then a complaint may be made to: 
The Dental Complaints Service (08456 120 540) 
37 Wimpole Street, 
London, W1M 8DQ 
NHS England 
PO Box 16738 
Redditch B97 9PT 
Tel: 0300 311 2233 
Newcastle upon Tyne, NE14PA 
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